Spices in our food – Wow Indian fooood

September 2nd, 2011

Got bored Friday afternoon and sharing some info.

For long the West has mocked us on the usage of spices in our food and have tagged our food as smelly. I recall a US fella commenting to me why they didn’t like Indian food as we add spices and remove original flavor of food. But now researchers seem to be investigating the properties of these very spices.

Just thinking of the ingredients in our Sambar/Rasam I just had.

Curry Leaves – The leaves of Murraya koenigii (Apparently scientific name of Karuveppilai) are also used as a herb in Ayurvedic medicine. Their properties include much value as an anti-diabetic ,antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, anti-hypercholesterolemic etc. Curry leaves are also known to be good for hair, for keeping it healthy and long. They also contain iron.

A scientific study by University of Madras Guys. (Don’t know its authenticity etc. But it is a published paper)


Fenugreek – Methi or Vendhiyam – Nursing Mothers, Arthritis and Increases Libido (? ), Reducing cholesterol and Type-1/Type 2 Diabetes (Have to check links for this) – Way to go



Red Pepper / Chilli Pepper – Help Reduce Weight ??



Capsaicin is the compound in Chillies

Coriander – The oil in the Coriander Seed Fights Drug Resistant bugs, Anti Bacterial, Fights Food Borne Diseases.


Turmeric – Everyone Knows its Anti-Fungal Properties and Cosmetic Properties. (Even Patented)

The U.S. National Institutes of Health currently has registered 61 clinical trials completed or underway to study use of dietary curcumin (Compound in Turmeric) for a variety of clinical disorders (dated June 2011).


Way to go Sambar. Thanks to all grandmothers for passing the knowledge of preparation of Sambar and Rasam :)

March9 2011

March 14th, 2011

Yeah wot something special about this day ?? its Sudhakar;s bday since we didnt go for honeymoon after wedding we planned to goto B.R hills, Karnataka this time. I booked tickets and planned to start by march 8. But all plans vanished in a minute when he says that his office friends wants him to be with them on his bday for party. Haaaaaaa i felt so unlucky :( Then we all guys (his office ppl too) went to mamalla resort, ECR. Again it was a boreday where guys were having fun and i was sitting simply watching the panoramic view of the beach sky thinking when we both will have fun together without others.

Everytime it happens on going for movie,restaurant,parties,weddings but i have not felt like irritating but this time on his bday when i could not spend time with him alone i got irritated like anything with him too.

I have soooooo many dreams, that we spend all day in a tiny island having candle light dinner with the panoramic view of  golden sky listening to soft romantic music, looking at each other under the stars and wishing that this minute,second should be paused forever :) i know this is too much, but i love him more than anything in this world, m not getting words to say how much i love him, he is my everything :) ) i love u Sudhakar !! getting tears :) ))

Thilaga Vs Sudhakar -celebrating our Love

February 21st, 2011

Today being Sunday i got up late asusual. Played we rule in my ipad and cooked lunch. No topic running in my mind today to post it for, so i took my love story as a topic :) We both studied our engg in veltech college, chennai. And that was the day some guys joined as lateral entry and he was one among them, we really didnt like new ppl coming to our class. but they guys mingled with us soon. i hate him during the initial period since he used to create scene as if he is very active and shrewd :) Then one day we happened to meet each other in our friends house and thats where he told abt him and we travelled all the way from avadi to mugappair in bus. then comes this day, he was preparing for his mathsIII paper (2nd attemopt lol :0 ) I called him and were chatting for a whole night then he suddenly asked ‘do u luve me’, i replied ‘haaaan i dont know, do u luv me ?’ then we started quarrellings and finally he made me to propose him. this is the day, u know how did i feel ?  the butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach, the ache in my heart when that person is not around. waaaaawww it was amazing. i wrote is his name in my palm and kept for 2 days..poor ink :(

let me continue this post later,know wot i started this post sday and left it unfinished, thought of completing today but he is waiting out to pick me up from office and i dnt wanna disappoint u gosh and here  i am showing some snippet of my luv letter to him. ppl are very curious in reading someones letter that too luv letter,, isnt it ?

“”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”hiiiiiiiii honie……..

here m writing u a letter (supposed to be a luv letter ;-) lol ) to celebrate a luv tat i hav found wid U……..
How can I ever find that moment again, that moment where I had the chance to make everything change n my lyf after my Sudhakar’s entry….mean our second year  saw u as a normal guy den we bcame good friends hope u remember our first day of travel i shared al my  lyf….den wot happened…

a day before ur maths exam i called u we were chatting normally…suddenly u asked “ARE U IN LUV WID ME” i replied “i dunno ” n asked u d same….u too replied me the same (was tryin to be oversmart)….tat day i proposed u…………

i think tat we hav been brought together @ dis time in our lives for somthing very special

shall keep posting in my next post…..meanwhile this is our wedding site, shall update some pics later


A journey with Gulliver’s Travels on Sunday

January 13th, 2011

Sunday Dec 9 : Got up at 11clk, had coffee again a short nap. We planned for a movie @ EA but got Gulliver’s travels in Inox. Rushed to Inox at 9.50 movie was at 10.

Gulliver’s Travels : Not a very big exciting Travels (1.5 hr movie ). I expected alot but lil disappointed but still its a good entertainer movie. Here Hero is a mailroom worker and love with Darcey, colleague.  Unfortunately Gulliver sets upon a journey towards the Bermuda Triangle and caught in hands of Lilliputs. Its here where our hero starts his naughty,funny act and saving the Lilliputs from enemy.

Now there raised a necessity to give break (since its hollywood movie unexpected breaks at unexpected sequence). I got one veg burger (man this burger was yuk!! i hate it . ppl dont get burger in INOX :) ) and a pop corn (my favo but i didnt like the toppings again). Now movie started…Darcey comes into picture now, she too caught by Lilliputs same way as gulliver. Rest of the story is Gulliver’s action to rescue Lilliputs.

Funny scenes i liked:

Gulliver urinating to rescue the ppl from fire :) ) and a man sayimg ‘how lucky am’ when Gulliver falls over him [Gulliver's butt towards that fella's face , this was real fun :) ) ]

First post!!

January 7th, 2011

Haaaan This is my very first blog , I had had enough time to write blogs but i dint show much interest in writing blogs, suddenly thought of writing today and now m here :)

About me :

I am a pakka day dreamer and irregular, sleeping late night,rushing to all works at the last minute,bla bla….

I hate my nose :) ,headache(i used to get during winter its horrible), lies,flirt,Untrustworthy,selfish ppl,uncleanliness,…

Annnddd I like being lonely with loved ones, reading novels,interior decor,painting,DOGS,NewYork,coffee,tamil,chatting,dreams,making fun of others,passing gossips,gardening,nail polish,crazy about stylish slippers,pug,pink,tina,sumie,orange,green apple,any foods with cheese added, and handbags,clean bed, and My my:)

okay m damn sleepy its 2.36 AM now gonna read Narayana Murthy’s ‘A Better India A Better World’ first time reading this kinda books, i always read novels, romantic especially. Lemme try this one and update the comments tomo.

i dont think i will come again to continue this blog, lemme try ;)

Todays quote : Love is not blind, but loving a wrong person shows ur blindness (trying to say something but am not. so am i ? )